Hi there! You can support this project by taking this short survey about your experience with the design wiki. You'll be tremendous help to me and you'll get lots of good karama.
(Pssst! First, you need to have interacted with the wiki by
reading entries or editing entries in order to take the survey.)
First, some questions about your participation

How did you engage with the wiki? *

Approximately how many entries did you contribute to? *

Contribution to the wiki means engagement beyond reading (like editing an entry or commenting).

Approximately how long was each session(s) of contributing to the wiki total? *

Questions evaluating your participation

For the following questions, indicated your level of agreement with the statement.
I learned something new or was surprised by entries I saw on the wiki. *

Reading or contributing to the wiki positively challenged my definitions of interaction design elements. *

Reading or contributing (writing, editing, adding media, etc.) to the wiki made me reflect on my past design projects. *

Reading or contributing (writing, editing, adding media, etc.) to the wiki made me see  future design possibilities. *

Reading or contributing to the wiki is something I would recommend *

If you indicated that you would recommend this website to someone, to whom would you recommend this website too? *

Additional comments or questions on the previous questions?

Questions or comments on the project as a whole?

Everything helps!
Demographic information

The easy stuff
Which of the following roles best defines you?

I currently make time to reflect on my design practice (by reading, writing, or doing side projects, teaching, etc.) *

Indicate the level you agree or disagree with the above statement.
If you indicated you reflect on your design practice, doing what activities do you currently reflect on your design practice?

Check all that apply

May I reach out to you again if I have additional questions about your responses? *

If you mark 'yes' please fill out the next contact information in the next requests

Phone number

A thousand thanks for your thoughtful answers and helping me advance this research project.  Please let me know if you have additional questions! jacklynn / at / cmu.edu
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